What we offer

We provide

          sympathy, support, and solutions for you and your communication device.


We older youngsters know our three Rs but electronic gadgetry is a bit of a mystery at times…leaving it to the grand kids is not always the answer.

So our mission is to teach older people to use these new fangled gadgets (and some of them are quite useful).

Not just desktop computers or laptops,

but also, tablets and Smartphones (Apple and Android).


We cover topics such as starting up with a new computer.

Setting up a software package (that’s an “app” these days).

How to do all sorts of things with the icons in the rows at the top and bottom of the screen.

How to manage writing documents (letters etc), and storing them as files in folders.


       How to set up email and surf the web.



We can help you cope with all the buttons and settings in your digital camera…which you may be too afraid to use?

Working with your images (you know, all those photographs in
your camera or SmartPhone), either filing them away or improving them with photo-editing software. And printing them, or scanning those old family black and white photographs.


We have classes, special interest groups, workshops and lectures from visiting speakers.


Contact is within small groups, with one or two tutors per class, or even 1:1 in special cases.

This is all done by our volunteer tutors, who have lots and lots of experience in all the above (at some stage frustrated by these darned machines just like you are).

So don’t be afraid or hesitate, come along and find out lots more of what we offer , even Facebook, Twitter, TradeMe…and yes, cups of tea as well.


Come join the world!