Introduction: Android Tablets

Android Tablets (a device designed to fit between a laptop or desk computer and a Smartphone) are produced by many manufacturers – Samsung, LG, Acer, Huawei, and others. Fortunately the operating system is very similar among the makes. They all have features that exist in computers and phones, but can lack some other features.

This course will NOT cover the use of IPads.

The course will look at the various models and suggest ways in which their use can be enhanced.
It is suitable for those with little experience of their use.

  • Introduction to Android Tablets
    What version do you use – and the differences
    Setting up your tablet – basic set up
    Home Screen – how to organise.
    Opening an Account with Google
    Setting up your mail account
    Anti Virus – why it is necessary
  • Using your Android Tablet
    Reading books – Kindle or your local Library
    News and weather – keep up to date…
    Photos – and how to store and edit
    Shopping  – how to make your own desktop ikons
    Using your tablet with your TV at home
    Printing from your Tablet
    Try and answer any queries you may have.

If you have subsequent questions, then attendance is recommended at the monthly “Drop ins” for either computers or Smartphones.

Desirable knowledge: Introduction to computers; Files and Folders.

Course consists of two consecutive classes.

Cost: $5 per class, total of $10, paid at first attendance.

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