MS Word: beginners


 The principles that underlie MS Word apply to all word programmes. However, when you use a Word programme, it creates a file which must be placed in a folder.

You will learn:
Revision of Desk top, use of mouse, ergonomics, moving the cursor

  • Opening a Word document, closing, saving, printing
  • The screen layout, title bar, ribbon, menu bar ruler etc
  • Creating a new document, margins, orientation, zoom, page width
  • Editing a document, use of paragraph marker, spellcheck, undo
  • Selecting text and various ways to do this
  • Formatting text using fonts – font size, italics, underline, bold and colour.
  • Format painter and its use
  • Paragraphs and how they differ from fonts
  • Rearranging text the way you want it – cut, copy and paste
  • Alignment – left, right and centre, vertical alignment

Where to go for help.
How to use Word’s Office Assistant, Help button, search facility, and check spelling and grammar.

It is strongly recommended that you do the
“Introduction to Computing” and “Files and Folders” courses first.

Course consists of three consecutive classes.

Cost: $5 per class, total of $15, paid at first attendance.


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