Computer Health & Safety

This course provides the basic but essential understanding of your operating systems, how to set them up, and options for alternative support or security software.

The current versions of Microsoft operating systems now are: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


The course will cover:

Computer basics: physical configuration, printer, external hard drive, operating system, work programmes and internet access.

Task manager: for performance and programmes at start up.

Directories: use of “Win Explorer + E” to show directories and “libraries”; Win 10 variations.

Emptying recycle bin: via directory ; via Disc cleanup.

Disc clean up; defragmentation options; Setting defrag sche

dule. Backing up data. Backing up computer (with restore point set).

Computer security:

Firewall, Windows defender; emails and web dos and don’ts.; web search housekeeping.

Alternative software; maintenance and security.



Prerequisites: Introduction to Computing; Files and folders.

Course consists of two consecutive classes.

Cost: $5 per class, total of $10, paid at first attendance


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