Digital Cameras – basic

Workshop format

You own a hi-tech camera that’s very simple to use. It’s set on Auto so you just “Point and shoot”. But do you know what all the other buttons and dials, let alone the menu on the screen means?

Digital cameras are a bit different from film cameras. All the basics of photography are still in your camera, the need to set film speed, aperture and exposure, but if you want to get the best out of your camera you need to understand how they are set and how they can affect your chance of getting those more professional shots. You don’t understand it, it seems to have hundreds of potential settings and can take hundreds of shots but hey, there is no cost associated with a bad picture (unlike film where every shot cost money to print).

So you look at your manual and it’s all gobbledy-gook. Where are things going wrong? What basic functions MUST you set? Do you want the photos for a quality image or just to attach to an email?

Auto works fine on scenes that are evenly lit, but lighting makes such a dramatic difference that you need to understand your camera settings to make the most of it. Exposure is the first thing you need to understand. Take a look at the brightest and darkest areas of these three images:

Underexposure on the left loses shadow detail, overexposure on the right burns out the highlights. A correctly exposed image gives you the best result (middle photograph).

Come and join a small group workshop to learn the basic and maybe not so basic tricks and features that you can exploit from this miniature computer system …and how it’s so much more capable than the camera in your smart phone.

Then you could join the intermediate level group next?

Prerequisite: some knowledge of computers and your camera

Course consists of two consecutive classes.

Cost: $5 per class, total of $10, paid at first attendance

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