This course is intended for those who have done Introduction to Email” or have a degree of competence with Email.

At the end of this course you will be a proficient user of probably the most popular email application in use.

Course Content:

  • Gmail – Main windows features.
  • Sending and replying to email messages for the first time.
  • The drafts folder
  • Dealing with Junk email, spam, scans and all the nasties that are out there.
  • Adding a signature to messages
  • The benefits of inbox tabs and categories
  • Setting your Gmail preferences
  • The Email search bar options
  • Creating and using a contacts list
  • More reply options
  • Copying text and pictures into a message from the clipboard
  • Deleting, recovering and moving messages
  • Sending an email to several people
  • Using group addresses.
  • Archiving messages
  • Setting up a messages label structure
  • Sending, receiving and saving attachments,use of Google Drive.
  • Sending and receiving Internet Links
  • Handling pictures
  • Printing an email.
  • Sorting messages.
  • Using the Help feature.

Prerequisites:  Introduction to computing; Introduction to Email

Course consists of four consecutive classes.

Cost: $5 per class, total of $20, paid at first attendance.


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