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MS Word: continued

Suitable for those who have knowledge of Word and wish to learn more techniques or try their hand at more complex exercises. The list below will vary according to the requirements and capabilities of the class members.

Topics possibly included in the course:

  • Recap of basic functions – opening, closing, new document, saving, printing
  • Saving to a USB and to the computer using folders
  • Cut, copy and paste and understanding the clipboard, drag and drop
  • Different ways of performing tasks – quick keys, ribbon, menu
  • Setting margins, headers, footers and gutters
  • Difference between fonts and paragraphs
  • Using line spacing, space before and after, and indents
  • Applying bullets and numbering to text
  • Inserting symbols, shapes and page numbers, page breaks
  • Applying page borders, and borders and shading to text
  • Setting and manipulating tabs – left, right, centre and decimal tabs
  • Inserting tables and formatting tables, editing in tables
  • Inserting pictures and graphics in documents and formatting
  • Using find and replace and auto corrections
  • Sorting data into alphabetical order
  • Optional – Styles and indexing, creating a booklet
  • Optional – Letter writing, formatting and proofreading text

Prerequisites: Introduction to Computing; Files and Folders courses first.

Course consists of three consecutive classes.

Cost: $5 per class, total of $15, paid at first attendance.

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