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Photo Editing: FastStone


FastStone is a PhotoEditor, meaning it changes the appearance of images.
This software is used to improve, tidy up or transform digital images

Summary of Features:

  • Supports all major image formats.
  • Toolbars that pop up when the mouse touches the edges of the screen.
  • EXIF and histogram information.
  • Image preview and comparison, thumbnails and organizing into folders.
  • Resizing, cropping and printing, including contact sheets.
  • Colour, brightness and sharpness correction.
  • Red-eye removal.
  • Adding titles and frames.
  • Sending images by email.
  • Creating self-contained slideshows with sound.
  • Clone and Healing for image object removal and correction.
  • Image object selection for unique editing.

If members want it, downloading camera images and calibrating monitors will also be covered.

Prerequisites: general computer skills; files and folders

Course consists of four consecutive classes.

Cost: $5 per class, total of $20, paid at first attendance

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