This is a workshop format class that is suitable for those wanting to buy a printer/scanner or want to understand what the capabilities and options are with their printer.

There are three types of applications associated with a printer/scanner.

Copying : hard copy to hard copy     Scanning: hard copy to digital format

Printing                digital format to hard copy.     

We will deal with PRINTING only in this session.

You should be aware of how your printer is connected to the computer.

The classroom printers will not be the same as your own.

The assumption is that you have digital material that you want to produce in hard copy.

It can be documents or photographs and each has different requirements.

Printing documents       

Options are:

  • Black or colour
  • Standard or high quality
  • Paper size
  • Scale doc up or down, or to fit page
  • Single or double sided
  • Number of copies

If a mixture of text and pictures then make this composition first through e.g. Word document.

Printing photographs

Options are:

  • Grey scale or colour
  • Standard or high quality print (dpi)
  • Paper size
  • Paper quality (special glossy or photo quality)
  • Scale image up or down
  • Printing only a portion or selected area of a document or photograph

Prerequisite: introduction to computers; files and folders

Course consists of one consecutive class.

Cost: $5 per class, total of $5, paid at first attendance


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