A scanner can be considered as a form of digital camera. A scanner works by passing a bright light and an image sensor over a document or photo placed face down on its glass (similar to a photocopier).

Various manufacturers make multi-function printer/scanners, with different features. But they all have the ability to either scan and print, or scan into digital format (which can then be used in different ways).

The course will include the following.       

Setting up      Scanner control panel and computer software


  •        Documents
  •        Single and multiple copies
  •        Photographs
  •        Colour and B/W


  •      Setting a directory or folder
  •      File types (pdf or jpg)
  •      Resolution
  •      Documents and Photos

Printing scanned photographs

Photo editing                                                 (brief outline, no training)

Optical character recognition (OCR)           (brief outline, no training)


Prerequisite: introduction to computers; files and folders

Course consists of two consecutive classes.

Cost: $5 per class, total of $10, paid at first attendance



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