SmartPhone: Android

This is a beginner’s course for people with an Android operating system phone. It is suitable for complete beginners. This course will NOT deal with IPhones.

Subjects covered over the two classes will include:

  • What is a smart phone and what can it do?
    What is Android?
    Techniques for using the touch screen – touch, drag, hold, swipe, pinch etc.
    Understanding your plan – phone calls, texts and data limits
    Setting up your phone – font, home screen image, keyboards, clock, call sounds etc.
    Phone security
    Making and answering phone calls and using texts
    Adding and managing contacts
    Using the voice-to-text system
    Connecting to WIFI
    Setting up email
    Using Bluetooth
    Using the clock and alarm system
    Taking and sharing photos
    Using the Internet and Google
    Using Google Maps
    Using your phone for navigation
    Exploring the world of apps

Having completed this basic course, you may want to attend our monthly “Drop In – Phones and Tablets sessions (DIPT). This is where people who can already use smart phones and tablets can share their problems and ideas.

Prerequisite: none!
Course consists of two consecutive classes.
Cost: $5 per class, total of $10, paid at first attendance


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