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Topics at previous monthly meetings:


David Thornley                          Google – more than a search engine

J Sommerville Internet in your Home



 I Baker  Internet banking & banking security
 Vodafone  Plans for the future
 A Morrison  NOW internet provider
 B Harris  Solar power – a personal perspective
 A Hodge  How to create your own free personal website
 T Smolic  Good food, good nutrition, good health
J Somerville

K Garrett

 All sorts of things you can do with your tablet or smartphone
 Di Palfrey  An update on technology


 G & V Brannan Making movies
 J Gilbert Current and future Rotorua library services for seniors
 J Zabkiewicz Have computer – will travel
 S Jensen Arthritis educator – the services we offer
 R Prebble World leading Smartphones – designed in Rotorua
 Our website A presentation by your committee
 J Sommerville Sun, surf and bull dust – 19 years of computing
while travelling round Australia
 M Browning Making technology accessible –
by a storyteller, web designer and lover of people